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1. What is Renew Mobile Health?
2. How does Renew Mobile Health save me money?
3. How can I earn incentives in the platform?
4. Does my employer have access to my personal information?
5. What if I do not have a smart phone?
6. Does Renew Mobile Health require my cell phone number?
7. How do I register for Renew Mobile Health?
8. Is the Renew Mobile Health platform secure?
9. Does my dependent have access to Renew Mobile Health?
10. What if I have questions about my benefits or health programs?
11. What are the benefits of using Renew Mobile Health?
12. How does Renew Mobile Health personalize content?
13. How many times can I update my health assessment?
14. How do I link my activity tracker to the platform?
15. Do I need to Logout of Renew Mobile Health each time?
16. Is there a charge to download Renew Mobile Health?
17. What if I forgot my username or password?
18. Are username and passwords case sensitive?
19. What does “Average Risk” mean in Health Coach?
20. What does my “My Risk” mean in Health Coach?