Emergency Management

  1. Public Private Partnership (P3) program

    We are rejuvenating the Public Private Partnership (P3) program and would like to invite you to join. The program is designed to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with local businesses and non-profits related to disaster resilience.
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The mission of the Newport News Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is to be the local public safety organization providing comprehensive, risk-based and coordinated emergency management operations. Our office prepares contingency plans, conducts practice drills, provides warning, manages responses and coordinates damage assessment and recovery after a disaster.

The staff manages the Newport News Emergency Operations Center (EOC) a secure, state-of-the-art facility where key members of city departments gather during activations to determine situational status, coordinate actions and make critical decisions during emergency situations.

We are committed to helping protect your community and preparing your family in case of an emergency. Please review the valuable information we have to help you plan for the worst and protect your loved ones during disasters and emergencies.