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Active Lifestyles

Created in 1992 to address major issues, enhance public awareness, assist staff with program planning / improvement projects, and to promote a positive image of aging and disabilities through education. The committee is made up of a group of citizens who share a concern for others and provide a means by which participants can address issues that are pertinent to the services provided by Newport News Parks, Recreation and Tourism.


  • Alberta Hatcher (NNN)
  • Bessie Burke (DMCC)
  • Catherine Askew (BMCC)
  • Carol Hollingsworth (BMCC)
  • Clarice Moody (DCC)
  • Delores Griffith (BMCC)
  • Donald Livingston (DCC)
  • Estella Brown: Chair
  • Flora Brown (DCC)
  • Geraldine Freeman (DCC)
  • Kristina Warren (Food Bank of VA Peninsula)
  • Sonja Mitchell (VA Co-op Ext)
  • Patricia Haley (DCC)
  • Shelly Troutman–Hackworth (VDH)
  • Vera Willis (DCC)
  • Eric Jackson (HSC)
We are currently seeking new members to hold two-year terms. Members will attend bimonthly meetings to address concerns, work on specific projects, and promote Active Lifestyles. Call 757-926-1446 to join. The Advisory Committee is an authorized Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) volunteer project. Join today and increase your RSVP service hours.

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