Funding Source

Wastewater Funding Source

As of 1993, the funding source for the Wastewater division is a sewer user fee. The Sewer User Fee rate is $3.37 per HCF plus a fixed $4 per month Wastewater Account Fee. The Wastewater Account Fee will provide a stable source of revenue not susceptible to changes in water consumption. This will make it easier for the Wastewater Division to plan a budget because it allows them to know how much money they are going to have to spend. The Wastewater Division utilizes it annual funding in the following five primary areas:

  • Personnel salaries and benefits
  • Operational equipment / parts, supplies and services
  • Vehicle repairs and replacements
  • Fuel: electricity, gas, diesel, natural gas and propane
  • Capital Improvement Programs (CIP): Upgrading the sanitary sewer system city-wide

State Order of Consent

In 2014 a State Order of Consent (SOC) was enacted upon the City of Newport News from the Virginia State Department of Environmental Quality. This SOC supersedes the previous SOC. The current SOC is region-wide throughout all of Hampton Roads and requires the city to have a MOM (Management, Operation, and Maintenance) Program to maintain all city sanitary sewer facilities.