Craft Vendors

Newport News Fall Festival Juried- Weaving
The festival features over 150 vendors that exhibit, demonstrate, and sell traditional handmade items. Vendors apply (applications are due April 2, 2018 at 11:59 PM), and a jury panel selects vendors that meet the festival standards. Applications for the Juried and Marketplace Areas, the Heritage Area, and Country Store are posted below.

Juried Area

2018 Juried Application

The Juried Area shows the highest level of traditional, handmade crafts made from natural materials and of original design by the artisan.

Their craft items are unlikely to ever be mass-produced because of the artistry, skill and techniques involved with producing these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Juried artisans compete for a cash award—$500 Best in Show (Based on Quality of Craft & Booth Display). 

Marketplace Area

2018 Marketplace Application

The Marketplace Area contains a broad selection of traditional, handmade crafts made by the artisan from natural materials and of original design by the artist.

Items found in the Marketplace are typically not the one-of-a-kind, intricately crafted pieces found in the Juried Section, but are designed more for mass appeal and function. 

New for 2018:
Marketplace artisans can now compete for a cash award—$250 Best Display. 

Heritage Area

2018 Heritage Area Application

 A demonstration area featuring traditional trades and craft-making.

Heritage Area exhibitors compete for the $250 “Heritage Area Best Demonstration” award.  

Country Store Area

2018 Country Store Application

A selection of country-inspired merchandise, including seasonal produce items (fruit, vegetables, plants, etc.) and unique packaged specialty food items (jellies, herb mixes, sauces, candy, etc.).

The Country Store Area is also exhibit space for old-fashioned, “general store”-type merchandise (candles, pet items, unique household wares, clothing, etc.)

Country Store vendors compete for the $250 “Country Store Best Display” award.