Pet Licensing

All dogs and cats four months old and older are required by state and local laws to wear a rabies tag and an animal license tag on their collar. City license tags are good for one calendar year and go on sale November 1 and must be purchased by January 31. A license must also be purchased during the year if an animal becomes four months old or an owner comes into possession of an animal between January 1 and November 1. Licenses are $5 for spayed and neutered animals and $10 for unaltered animals.

Purchasing Locations

Licenses can be purchased at:

  • Treasurer's Office - City Hall Annex
    2400 Washington Ave.
    Newport News, VA 23607
  • Treasurer's Office - Denbigh Office Annex
    12912 Jefferson Ave.
    Newport News, VA 23608
  • Animal Services
    5843 Jefferson Ave.
    Newport News, VA 23605
You can also print an Animal License Request Form (PDF), fill it out, and mail it to the Treasurer's Office.

Licensing Details
You must present a current rabies certificate from a veterinarian in order to apply for a license. You may not register more than four domesticated animals (dogs and/or cats) per residential unit without first receiving permission from the Department of Codes Compliance at 757-926-8861. For more information about animal licenses, call the Treasurer's Office at 757-926-8643.