About the Office of Purchasing

Mission Statement
To provide professional services to all and to enhance customer service through operations management, project management, contract management, minority goals, and internal and external training, with the objective of ensuring that all materials, supplies, equipment, and services required by the city are acquired in a timely manner, at the lowest possible cost, consistent with the quality required, and in compliance with all applicable procurement legislation.

Mail Room
Operating from City Hall, the mail room is responsible for receiving, processing, and distribution of most internal and U.S. Mail for city departments.

Located on Jefferson Avenue, the Central Warehouse stocks industrial goods, paper products, and other items used by city departments, saving money for the city through bulk purchases. We stock necessary supplies to assure that the city can react quickly during emergency events. Additionally, we are responsible for the city's surplus program and some records storage.

Print Shop
Our Print Shop provides low-cost, high-quality reproduction of various documents including fliers, newsletters, programs, presentations, agendas, bids, and reports. Additionally, we maintain a fleet of copiers used in city offices.

Purchasing Administration
Office of Purchasing Administration procures all goods, services, equipment, and supplies, including construction and professional services for the City. The office is also responsible for vendor relations, training internal departments on ethics and internal systems, monitoring potential anti-trust activity, and keeping abreast of legislation affecting procurement within the City.

The office utilizes creative procurement methods to maximize savings and the quality of services provided to the City including forward pricing mechanisms for energy purchases. When established through a competitively bid contract, the City may utilize forward pricing mechanisms to procure energy including natural gas, heating oil, propane, diesel fuel, unleaded fuel (and other energy sources, excluding electricity) subject to appropriation of funds. If fiscally advantageous, the City may purchase a portion of the energy requirements for a particular energy commodity on the futures market and enter into a fixed price contract for a specified period of time. A Committee will convene as needed to review the use of forward pricing mechanisms.