Flu Shots

The city will not offer the "flu shot clinics" this year, but wants to encourage everyone to get their flu shots, so the following arrangements are in place.

All retirees and city employees who are in one of the city health care plans may get their shots free, since flu shots are considered a preventive measure. The 3 health plans offered by the city cover flu shots at 100%, so there is no out-of-pocket expense when visiting the clinics offered by your provider. (Please note that if you are seeing your doctor for a scheduled appointment or you request to see your doctor while at the clinic, you will be charged the appropriate co-payment for an office visit.) Shots are available at many of the local drug stores and supermarkets. Also, some hospitals and doctors have set up specific times when flu shots are available without an appointment.

Most local pharmacies offer flu shots with no appointments and are willing to bill your insurance carrier. There may be a small, nominal fee to use their services.