Police Recruit Testimonial

My experience of the pre-hire program was great and I believe that the Newport News Police Department was the only department that offered such a program from all of the other agencies I had applied for so that was just another incentive. First of all, you're getting paid to explore, learn, and meet quite a few of people within the department, before you even start the academy, how cool is that. Whether you're working in Property and Evidence building, the PIO or even a ride along on each shift, just to name a few, bottom line is you're able to get a better understanding and feel about many different positions and tasks within the department. I remember how nervous and excited I was when I had to first report to Headquarters for work in the pre-hire program, after a short time though I was all smiles and I was just so thankful and blessed to know that I was about to start a career in law enforcement with such a great agency!!!

Officer D.A. Byers - Central Precinct

In my opinion, the Police recruiting team of the Newport News Police Department is great!! They were straight forward about everything which really made me feel motivated about going forward with the hiring process. With their professionalism and dedication to each recruit they make you feel comfortable and want you to join our family. During the Pre-Hire program, I believe it was beneficial and exciting to see what other opportunities the department could offer.  Also being able to meet the different kinds of wonderful people that work for the department, who all welcomed each new recruit with smiles and offered any help if needed. The extra step that the Police Department brings, excellence, and networking will help during and after the Police Academy.

Officer G. Figueroa - Central Precinct

At the end of my tour in the military, October 2008, I found myself in a rush to find employment. I applied many places to include Newport News. I was very worried about what I was going to do during my "in between" period of separating from the military and the start of an academy. I was contacted by the Newport News Recruiting Office, who informed me of the Pre-Hire program. I was given a hire date that only gapped about a week in between my separation date and hire on date. During my time in the pre-hire program I was given the opportunity to work with many departments to include Major Crimes, Special Units, and some of the support departments (ie; IT, Public Works, CSI). This opened a flood gate of opportunity for me, just the insight of what this department offers. During the program we were assigned every other week to do ride-alongs with different precincts and shifts. I learned from officers, new and old, how the different areas and shifts worked, how each one was unique. It allowed me to view where I wanted to take my career before I even started it.

Officer R. A. Norris - South Precinct

I began my career with the Newport News Police Department on December 8, 2008. Even though my academy class would not start till January 20, 2009, I was given a chance to participate in the Pre-Hire program. When I first started the program I was not sure what to expect, but after spending over a month in many different areas in the department I realized that it was a valuable learning experience. I gained a tool that many officers did not have when they started their careers. I was able to work in many different divisions on the department and learned how each of them work. I also gained many friends and professional contacts along the way.

Officer T. E. Byers - South Precinct