Major Crimes Investigations Section

The Major Crimes Investigations Division is comprised of 5 sub-units; the Homicide, Robbery, Criminal Intelligence, Forensics Services, and Special Victims units. Each unit is supervised by a sergeant except Forensic Services who reports directly to the Major Crimes Investigations Section Commander, Molly B. Bartley.

The primary mission of this section is to investigate complex criminal cases that take place in the City of Newport News. The individual units investigate specific types of crimes as suggested by the unit titles.

The Homicide unit investigates murders, suspicious deaths, shootings, officer involved shootings, sexual assaults, suicides, and missing persons of suspicious nature.

The Robbery unit investigates robberies from individuals and businesses.

The Forensic Services Unit is responsible for processing a crime scene which includes collecting, photographing, and submitting evidence to the lab for processing.

The Special Victims Unit is responsible for the investigation of all murders, suicides and suspicious deaths of persons under the age of 14; serious injuries to juveniles (i.e. assaults which require medical attention), rapes, sexual assaults, missing persons, and runaway juveniles.