Instructions for Completing Taxicab Application

You may find these brief instructions helpful in filling out your taxicab driver's permit application.

  1. Fill out the application completely. If you see a field that has a red asterisk (*), this is a required field.
  2. The form will not submit unless all required fields are completed.
    1. All questions must be answered in order for the application to be processed.
    2. Yes/No answers are designed so you only can choose one option (or have to).
    3. You will get a message telling you that you haven't filled out all required fields if you miss one. If that happens, please go through your application and check to ensure you haven't missed something (they will be highlighted in red).
  3. The form is designed to allow you to save a completed copy to your computer or memory device if you choose.

If the completed form does not submit for some reason, you may save a copy and submit it by e-mail. E-mail to Alternatively, the completed form may be printed out and brought to the Taxicab Permit Examiner's office at 150-35th Street, Newport News, VA 23607.

Note: When confirmed by your signature (in the case of personally-delivered applications) OR by electronic submission of the form and a check-mark in the indicated area, any false statement made on this application (in include incomplete information or omissions of facts) constitutes a Class 3 misdemeanor and will result in the immediate denial of the request.

If you have problems or questions, please contact the taxicab permit examiner 757-247-2489, ext. #301) and let them know so that the webmaster can be contacted.