Intensive Day Supervision Program

To provide an intensive, highly structured day supervision program for youth not temporarily placed in an established educational program.

Goals & Objectives
  • Provide a holistic curriculum that addresses youth's educational needs, physical health, character development, and substance abuse prevention
  • Assist participants in meeting academic requirements for graduation or participation in other educational programs to facilitate age-appropriate academic training
Duration of Program
Juveniles may participate from 5 days to 6 months, depending on the degree of suspension.

Eligibility Criteria
The Day Reporting Program is accessible to any juvenile ages 12 through 17 years who:
  • Has been referred from the Newport News or Hampton Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, respective Court Services Units, or the Newport News Public School System, Newport News Department of Human Services
  • Are on short-term suspension from middle or high school
Benefits to Participants
Academic involvement is maintained for youth temporarily suspended from school or waiting for an alternative educational placement. Youth also participate in therapeutic group activities designed to address behavioral issues that contribute to problems in traditional school settings. Transportation is provided to and from the site. Participants also receive a balanced lunch. Licensed Teacher who works with the program who provides educational instruction

Unique / Innovative Aspects
This program utilizes a holistic approach to better address the youth's needs. Youth are provided an alternative environment that focuses on academic and behavioral modification. This program allows for children to continue to participate in academic activities while simultaneously preparing them to re-enter a traditional educational setting.

Program Operations
Program hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 2 PM.