Jefferson Ave and Brick Kiln Blvd with development

To mitigate the increased traffic generated by the development and to realize the traffic improvements to Jefferson Avenue, a number of traffic improvements will be made to Jefferson Avenue. These include the construction of a new intersection at Habersham and Jefferson that would extend and connect to Brick Kiln Boulevard including new dual lefts into Kiln Creek, additional turn lanes coming out of Brick Kiln Boulevard and WalMart, pedestrian refuges in Jefferson Avenue at the intersections of Jefferson Avenue at Brick Kiln Boulevard and Habersham Way, and prohibiting through traffic crossing Jefferson Avenue at the intersections of Jefferson Avenue at Brick Kiln Boulevard and Habersham Way.

The additional intersection at Habersham Drive will handle some of the traffic headed to both the new development and to Kiln Creek. This will slightly lower the volumes at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Brick Kiln Boulevard.

During the same peak hour conditions after construction and with the added grocery store traffic, the total cars passing through the intersection is 7,976, with an average delay of 24.7 seconds per car and an overall intersection level of service improvement to a C, which is the preferred standard for intersection service. The number of cars is slightly lower at Brick Kiln and Jefferson because the traffic is now being shared by the new intersection at Jefferson and Habersham. The 30 seconds of time saved by almost 8,000 cars results in eliminating over 65 hours of idle time just for the peak hour of a single day. The 65 hours of idle time also translates to over 3 pounds of Carbon Monoxide emissions avoided.

As you can see in the videos below, the traffic clears the intersection in each cycle, providing reduced delays and more efficient traffic flow.

Overview of the Area

Closeup of Jefferson at Brick Kiln

Closeup of Jefferson at Habersham

2017 PM Peak Traffic on Jefferson Avenue with the development

   Number of Cars Level of Service Total Delay
Brick Kiln Blvd.
Habersham Way