Jefferson Ave and Brick Kiln Blvd without Development

The most affected intersection is Brick Kiln Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue, because the new store would be located here. The total cars passing through the intersection during the peak hour before construction is 8,058, with an average delay of 54.4 seconds per car and an overall intersection level of service of D, which is defined by the Institute of Transportation Engineers as “long delays.” As you can see in the videos below, the lines of cars, especially northbound on Jefferson and out of Kiln Creek, cannot clear the intersection in one cycle leading to congestion during rush hour traffic.

Overview of the area

Closeup of Jefferson at Brick Kiln

The following table shows traffic Level of Service and traffic delay.

2017 PM Peak Traffic on Jefferson Avenue without the development

Number of Cars Level of Service Total Delay
Brick Kiln Blvd.
Habersham Way