Plaza at Jefferson Traffic

There has been a great deal of interest and concern related to the traffic impact analysis for the Plaza at Jefferson. The analysis shows that even after construction of a busy new grocery store, traffic will function better than the today. The study and the models were prepared by a Professional Engineer specializing in traffic engineering for the Plaza at Jefferson, and reviewed by the city's staff of professional transportation engineers. 

One reporting tool used in the Study are Intersection Levels of Service, which are defined by the length of delay at an intersection and range from A (less than 10 seconds) to F (more than 80 seconds).  While the conditions analyzed in the Study and shown in the models are the peak periods for projected traffic, they do not include times of incident management or other conditions that will congest all local streets.   These conditions are too unpredictable to model and are therefore not included in traffic studies.

This short video provides a brief overview of the study results and has examples of traffic with and without the development.

For more detailed information and additional videos on the traffic impacts on Jefferson Avenue, please follow the links below:
If you have questions on the proposed signal operations and traffic conditions, please contact Randy Cooper of the Transportation Division at