Auxiliary Police Officers

The Newport News Auxiliary Police Program began in 1982 as a means to supplement the patrol force through volunteer service. The Auxiliary Officers work with the other patrol officers of the police department a minimum of 16 hours a month, or 48 per quarter. More experienced auxiliary officers may work with the Investigations Bureau or in other more specialized areas.

The Auxiliary Program enhances service delivery to the community. It also allows the community an opportunity to take an active role in public safety. Since its inception, the Auxiliary Program has supplied an average of 5,000 volunteer hours per year.

Auxiliary Police Officers volunteer their time and are utilized in times of emergency, when there are an insufficient number of regular police officers to preserve the peace, safety, and good order of the community, for the purpose of training, and to aid and assist regular officers in the performance of their duties. The training of an auxiliary police officer parallels that of full time, paid police officers.