Smoke Alarm Program

The Newport News Fire Department will install, at no cost, free ionization smoke alarms for Newport News homeowners upon request. If you need a smoke alarm installed, tested, or replaced, call our Free Smoke Alarm Hotline at 757-926-8009 and leave your contact information. You can also apply by using the online form.

Smoke Alarm Information
Landlords are responsible for supplying and installing smoke alarms for their tenants. Smoke alarms reduce property loss, injuries, and death. The alarms are equipped with long life batteries which last the lifetime of the alarm - generally 8 to 10 years. Monthly testing is recommended to ensure the alarm works. The manufacturer's instructions contain additional information on maintaining your smoke alarm.

Ionization type smoke alarms are quicker when a flaming, fast-moving fire occurs. The other type of smoke alarm is the photoelectric alarm which is quicker at sensing smoldering, smoky fires. There are also combination smoke alarms that combine ionization and photoelectric into one unit, called dual sensor smoke alarms. It is recommended to have the installation of both ionization and photoelectric alarms since you do not know what type of fire will start in a home.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends a smoke alarm be placed on every level of your home, including the basement, making sure that there is an alarm outside of every separate sleeping area.

Additional Information
You can find more information on smoke alarms, Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors, fire escape planning, and emergency preparedness from the U.S. Fire Administration or the National Fire Protection Association.