Planning & Development

  1. Construction Code

  2. Design Criteria Manual

    The purpose of the Design Criteria Manual is to provide information about city standards to the professional designing storm water management facilities, sanitary sewers, pump stations, public buildings, streets, sidewalks, bike paths, parking lots, entrances, lighting systems, etc.

  3. Economic Development Authority

  4. Emergency Planning

    The Newport News Division of Emergency Management’s (NN-DEM) Prepare to Partner program is designed to enhance the coordination of preparedness, response, and recovery efforts between the public and private sectors in the City of Newport News.

  5. Framework for the Future

  6. Planning Commission

  7. Project Status Report

  8. Property Assessment Search

  9. Retail Development

  10. Site Selection Assistance

    The staff of the Newport News Department of Development provide expert site selection assistance for locating a business in Newport News.