Actions & Resolutions

City Council actions taken on agenda items for the current calendar year are listed below. If you are interested in actions from previous years, they can be viewed by visiting our Meeting Search page.

  1. January 14

January 14 Actions & Resolutions

  • Ordinance 7602-20: Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Franchise Agreement By and Between the City of Newport News, Virginia and Verizon Wireless to Locate, Co-Locate, Construct, Operate and Maintain Small Cell Facilities in the City Rights-of-way
  • Ordinance 7603-20: Ordinance Amending and Reordaining City Code, Chapter 26, Motor Vehicles and Traffic; Article I., In General, By Adding Section 26-9.2, Use of Video- Monitoring Systems to Enforce Law Against Passing Stopped School Buses
  • Resolution 13304-20: Resolution to Name a Bridge Which Spans Lake Maury the "Joe S. Frank Bridge"