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Real Estate FAQ

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<p>Frequently asked questions about real esatate tax.</p>

FAQ overview

What are Real Estate Taxes?

Real Estate Taxes are those taxes which are paid upon land and improvements. Taxes are assessed by the Real Estate Assessor's Office. Real Estate Taxes aid in supporting the many services provided by the City of Newport News. Police and fire protection, schools, parks, playgrounds, libraries and refuse pick up are but a few of the services provided.

How is my property assessed?

Properties are assessed once a year by the Real Estate Assessor's Office (757-926-1926). All inquiries should be directed to that office.

What is the Real Estate Tax rate?

The Real Estate Tax rate is set each year by City Council. The current tax rate is $1.22 per $100 of assessed value.

Is there a tax relief program?

Yes, there is a Tax Relief Program for the elderly and disabled. Click here to view eligibility information, or call the Commissioner of the Revenue (757-926-3535).

When are Real Estate Taxes due?

Real Estate Taxes are normally due December 5 and June 5. Real Estate Taxes are based on a Fiscal Year. If improvements are done to the land, these may be assessed on a supplemental bill.

I pay a Mortgage every month. Who will get the Real Estate bill?

All mortgage companies are sent letters requesting that they contact us concerning real estate tax bills that they wish to pay. These bills are automatically sent to the requesting mortgage company. If a mortgage company does not request a real estate bill, the bill is automatically sent to the homeowner.

I pay a Mortgage but I received my Real Estate Tax bill, what should I do?

You should automatically contact your mortgage company. Do not send the bill back to the Treasurer's Office. We may only send mortgage companies the Real Estate Tax bills that they have requested. We cannot send a Real Estate Tax bill that has not been requested.

I pay a Mortgage but I just received a delinquent bill, what should I do?

If you have received a delinquent bill, this means that your mortgage company did not request your account or did not pay the tax bill. All delinquent notices are sent to the homeowner. You should contact your mortgage company and ask why they did not request/pay your account. Then call the Treasurer's Office and speak with a person from the Mortgage Company section (757-926-8642).

I am past due on my Real Estate account, what can I do?

If you are delinquent on your account, contact the Delinquent Department of the Treasurer's Office (926-8731) concerning a payment plan. However, if an account becomes more than two (2) years delinquent, that property may be sent to an outside attorney's office for collection or sale of the property for back taxes.

What is the Stormwater Management Fee?

The Stormwater Management Fee is a fee charged by the City of Newport News to develop and maintain an infrastructure of man-made and natural components to both limit and manage the volume of stormwater runoff to control flood events and, through stormwater pollution control measures, to prevent degradation of the city's waterways.

I have a question concerning Stormwater Management, who do I contact?

For a question concerning Stormwater Management, you should contact the Department of Engineering (757-926-8303). If the question concerns payment of the Stormwater Management Fee, contact the Treasurer's Office (757-926-8643).

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