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Adopt-a-Spot Program

Residents who are temporarily or permanently disabled are eligible to receive backyard garbage and recycling collection, if no other able bodied person resides in the household.

Bulk trash, yard waste and garbage carts are collected weekly.

Businesses purchase supplies and materials, and those that aren't used efficiently become waste. Businesses then pay to collect and haul the away waste. Preventing waste saves resources, prevents pollution, and saves money.

Information on disposal of sharps (syringe needles) & medical waste

Examples of Solid Waste Code Violations

Garbage Collection. Yard waste, bulk trash and garbage carts are collected weekly.

The complete Solid Waste Collection Schedule for all streets is available for download in pdf format. The schedule includes day of week for garbage, bulk and recycling collection, as well as the recycling collection zone (red or yellow).

Household hazardous waste is leftover household products that contain chemicals which may be hazardous to human health and the environment if improperly handled.

The Household Hazardous Waste and e-Cycling (Electronics) Collection Program provides an opportunity for you to dispose of a variety of chemicals and electronics.

The waste audit is one of the first steps in starting a recycling program.

The Newport News Business Recycling Office has developed a program to encourage business waste-reduction and recycling initiatives.

Have you ever thought about how recycling CAN save you money? Yes, it is understood that there are associated costs with a recycling program. Despite these costs, recycling CAN save businesses money, especially over the long term.

Residents are charged a Solid Waste Fee to cover the cost of landfilling and recycling residential waste. This fee is used exclusively for solid waste and recycling services and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Residential Waste Drop-off and Composting Facility, Compost and Mulch Price List

The purpose of enforcement is to keep our neighborhoods and commercial areas clean and free of litter. Chapter 19 of the City Code (commonly called the Solid Waste Code) establishes what may and may not be placed curbside for City collection and limits services to occupied single family households. No services are provided to non-residential properties.

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