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Garbage Collection

Information on garbage collection.

What We CAN Collect
Household wastes, such as food, packaging and paper, that result from ordinary household activities. All waste must be placed in your green City container. Ideally, waste should be bagged and tied before being placed in the cart.

What We CANNOT Collect
Liquid or hazardous wastes, bagged household wastes set outside the green City container, or heavy items such as rocks, dirt, sand or concrete.

Collection Procedures
Containers must be on the street adjoining your property by 7 a.m. on your day of collection. Containers may be set out after 3 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection, and it must be removed by midnight the day of collection. All other times, the container must be at the side or rear of your residence.
Place your container on the street in front of your residence as near the curb or edge of the road pavement as possible. Place container with handle away from the street. To make sure we can collect your container, place it away from vehicles, poles, mailboxes and other obstructions. All trash must be fully contained in the cart with the lid closed securely. This prevents spillage of trash on the street.

What To Do If Your Collection Was Missed
If you have followed the collection procedure and your container was missed during collection, call 757-933-2311.

Common City Code Violations
The most common City Code violations that result in your garbage container not being collected are:
• Containers set out after 7 a.m.
• Blocked containers
• Dirt, rocks, sand and building materials in containers
• Overfilled containers

Solid Waste Code Enforcement
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