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City Banner Permit Policy


              I.      General Policy


A.     Banners advertising the activities of non-profit organizations will be allowed over City right-of-ways, on a first-come, first-serve basis.


B.     Banners that promote activities within the City of Newport News shall receive first consideration where there is a conflict between two requests.


C.    Banners depicting for-profit activities or advertisements, political announcements or advertisements, controversial subject manner and events which directly conflict with City-sponsored activities (such as a festival held in another City on the same weekend that a City festival is scheduled) shall not be permitted for display over City right-of-ways.


            II.      Procedure –Banner Request


A.     Request for display of banners above City right-of-ways must be submitted, in writing, to Norma Green, Sr. Administrator Coordinator, Parks, Recreation and Tourism, 700 Town Center Drive, Ste. 320 or emailed to   See here for the City Banner Permit Application (Word Document).  Request for  banner installation must  be received at least three(3) weeks prior to the banner installation date.  Requests to display banners must contain the following information:


1.      The desired location where the banner is to be installed. Note: currently the City only permits banners above the southbound land of Warwick Blvd. at the Mercury overpass.


2.      Size of banner (3’ x 40’ is the maximum size allowed).


3.      Name of organization requesting banner installation, including the name of a contact person and telephone number(s).


4.      The exact wording that will be on the banner.


5.      A description of any graphics, logos or designs, if any, that will be on the banner.  Pictures of these same designs should be included unless the designs are universally recognized (e.g. American flag).


6.      Date that the organization would like the banner installed, as well as the earliest date that the banner can be removed (banners may be displayed for a maximum period of 14 consecutive calendar days).


B.     Failure to include this information in the Banner Request may cause delaying or denying the issuance of a banner permit.



            III.      Procedure – Banner Permit Coordinator


Upon receipt of the Banner Request, the Banner Permit Coordinator may determine if there are any conflicts with the requested date(s) of banner display.  If no conflicts exists, and if the banner qualifies for installation (refer to Sections I and II of this policy) the Coordinator will schedule the installation and removal of the banner on the dates indicated.  Once verified, the Coordinator will issue the appropriate Banner Permit, notifying the permittee of the following:


A.     The City will install the banner on or about the day requested.  While the City will make every effort to honor the date of installation requested by the permittee, the City may install the banner earlier for installation and cost efficiency.  Furthermore, the City reserves the right to delay installation of banner for circumstances beyond the City’s control (e.g. equipment breakdown, severe weather, etc.)


B.     Banners must be delivered to the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism, 700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320, no later than three (3) business days prior to the date of installation.  Permittee must also bring a $75 check for installation of the banner unless they are otherwise exempted from the installation fee (refer to IV. Fees and Exemptions).


C.    Banners will normally be available for pick-up three (3) business days after the requested date of removal.  The Banner Permit Coordinator will contact the permittee when the banner is ready for pick up from the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism office. 700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320.


         IV.      Distribution of Banner Permits


A.     Original to person requesting permit


B.     Electronic Copy  to Department of Codes and Compliance – Zoning Division


C.    Copy for Parks, Recreation and Tourism files


D.    Copies to others as necessary



           V.      Fees and Exemptions


The Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism will install the banner for a fixed fee of $75 per banner.  Private citizens or organizations are not permitted to install banners over the City right-of-ways.


 City departments and City agencies are exempt from the installation fee requirement.  In all cases of fee exemption, a letter must be sent to the Banner Permit Coordinator, 700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320, Newport News, VA  23606, explaining that the permittee is a City department and requesting the fee waiver.  The Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism will normally provide a response within 3 business days after receiving such requests.


         VI.      Permits in Perpetuity


The Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism has a banner permit in perpetuity which takes priority over the other banner requests.  The dates honored under this banner permit include. (Other banners usually not able to be accommodated during these periods).


A.     Children’s Festival:   The normal date of installation will be two weeks prior to Mother’s Day until the Monday following Mother’s Day.


B.    Fourth of July/Stars in the Sky:  This banner will normally be installed from June 15 through July 5. 


C.    Fall Festival of Folklife:  This banner is normally installed from September 13 until after the first weekend in October. 


D.    Hollydazzle:  This banner will be installed one week prior to Thanksgiving through Monday following the second Friday in December.


E.     Celebration in Lights:  This banner will be installed one week prior to Thanksgiving through January 2, (the following year).

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