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Payroll Main Page

Payroll Functions

The Payroll Division is primarily responsible for the following:

  • Overseeing and coordinating all aspects of payroll services to the City of Newport News employees and retirees;
  • Maintains accurate information necessary to administer payroll payments to all City employees and Retirees;
  • Ensuring that all City and Retired employees receive accurate and timely paychecks net of the appropriate payroll deductions;
  • Posts, maintains, and processes payments for tax liens, garnishments, and child support; 
  • Printing and distributing all City paychecks as well as direct deposits statements; and
  • Properly reporting and printing all City employee W-2 statements and City retiree 1099-R statements.

Payroll Staff

Joannie Young (757) 926-8541
Melanie Lowe (757) 926-8546

Pay Frequency

The City of Newport News has two payment cycles that consist of a weekly and a semi-monthly payroll. Weekly employees are paid every Friday and semi-monthly employees are paid on the 15th and the last day of the month. If a pay period falls on the weekend, you will be paid the Friday prior.

Deduction Codes

A list of Deduction Codes that appear on paystubs and their descriptions is now available.

Administrative Fees

Garnishment and Lien $10.00
Child Support Order $5.00 per month
W-2 Request $5.00 current and prior year

Payroll Forms

Federal Withholding Form

State Withholding Form

Direct Deposit Form

W2 and 1099 Request Form — Reprints are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays

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Connect with Us
Department Contacts

General Information:
Phone:  (757) 926-8738
Fax:  (757) 926-8894

Brenda Vines

Director of Finance: 
Tom Mitchell
(757) 926-8738

Assistant Director of Finance: 
Tonya O'Connell
(757) 926-8323

Accounting Manager:
Lisa Perey
(757) 926-8439

Accounts Payable:
Linda Aleshire
(757) 926-3569

Benefits Manager:
Kimberly Saunders Jackson
(757) 926-8522  

Retirement Payroll:
Melanie Lowe
Phone: (757) 926-8546
Fax: (757) 926-3548

City Payroll:
Joannie Young
Phone: (757) 926-8541
Fax: (757) 926-3548


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