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Government Overview

A description of Elected Officials, Constitutional Officers, Appointed Officials and City Departments and Agencies and their role in City government.

Elected Officials Constitutional Officers Appointed Officials City Departments and Agencies


2400 Washington Avenue
Newport News, VA 23607
926-8618 Phone 926-8599 Fax

City Council is the policymaking body for the City of Newport News. City Council and Mayoral elections are held in even-numbered years on the first Tuesday in May. The Mayor and members of City Council are elected by Newport News voters for four-year terms. Terms are staggered every two years to avoid a complete changeover of City Council.

The Newport News City Council regularly meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. A meeting is held at 7:00 p.m. prior to the regular Council meetings for the purpose of making and accepting presentations. Agenda information for each meeting can be obtained from the City of Newport News at, at your local library, and on the City’s Government access channels (Cox 48 and Verizon19) beginning on the Friday before the Council meeting. Council meetings are held in the City Council Chambers located at 2400 Washington Avenue.

Citizens are invited to attend City Council meetings and to participate in the affairs of the Newport News government.


Constitutional Officers are positions within local government that are required by the Virginia Constitution to be elected by the citizens. All Constitutional Officers serve four-year terms with the exception of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, who serves an eight-year term.

2500 Washington Avenue
926-8561 Phone 926-8531 Fax

The Clerk of the Newport News Circuit Court acts as the administrative officer of the Circuit Court. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for recording all deeds, wills, partnership agreements, financing statements, adoptions, land ownership, assumed names of businesses, military discharges, judgments, church trustees, medical licenses, notaries, and powers of attorney. The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for probating estates, filing adoptions, changing of names, divorces, law suits, issuing marriage licenses, subpoenas, concealed weapon permits; and qualifying ministers to perform the rites of marriage. The Clerk’s Office garnishes wages, expunges records, summons jurors, and collects fines and court costs for convictions in the Circuit Court.

City Hall Annex
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8752 Phone 247-2628 Fax
Denbigh Location
12912 Jefferson Avenue
886-7671 Phone 886-7670 Fax

The Commissioner of the Revenue holds office as an agent for the state, as well as the local government, and is the assessing officer on the local level for certain taxes prescribed by state law and local ordinance. The office administers all taxes and programs as provided for in the Code of Virginia, including business license tax, personal property tax, state income tax, utility tax, food and beverage tax, transient occupancy tax and others.

2501 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
926-7443 Phone 926-7482 Fax

The Commonwealth’s Attorney oversees the enforcement of state laws through prosecution of criminal complaints filed by the police and citizens of Newport News.

224 26th Street
926-8759 Phone 926-8429 Fax

The Sheriff is responsible for the administration of the Newport News Detention Facility and lockup, the serving of all legal papers and summons to illustrate litigation, execution of court orders within the jurisdiction of the city, providing security for all city courts, providing transportation as ordered of persons throughout the state to directed destinations and enforcement of the law as deemed necessary.

City Hall Annex
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8731 Phone 926-8274 Fax
Denbigh Location
12912 Jefferson Avenue
886-7676 Phone 886-7670 Fax

The primary responsibilities of the Treasurer’s Office include collecting, investing, recording and depositing the City’s revenues, distributing City real estate and personal property tax bills, collecting both current and delinquent taxes, billing and collecting sewer assessment and issuing City vehicle decals and various other licenses.



These positions are appointed by City Council and serve at Council's leisure.

9th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8416 Phone 926-8549 Fax

The City Attorney’s Office is responsible for the management of all the legal business of the City and represents the City as counsel in any civil case in which it has an interest.

9th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8634 Phone 926-8599 Fax

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining, processing and recording all proceedings and other records of the City Council. The Clerk’s Office maintains all records concerning appointments and memberships to the City’s boards, commissions and committees, maintains up‑to‑date Code of Ordinances, prepares legal advertising for public hearings held by City Council, issues special meeting notices, publishes reports and ordinances, and processes proclamations and resolutions of appreciation, memoriam and recognition, and attends and records all council meetings, public hearings, special meetings and work sessions. The City Clerk’s Office is also the custodian of all official records of the City.

10th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8411 Phone 926-3503 Fax

The City Manager’s Office provides leadership and administration of the day to day operations of the City of Newport News. Working closely with the City Council and citizens, the office ensures that quality programs and services are available to meet the needs of our citizenry and the business community.




100 City Farm Road
369-5900 Phone 369-8908Fax

The City Prison Farm is a minimum secure holding facility located in the Denbigh section of Newport News. Built in 1917, the City Prison Farm can house up to 250 inmates. Inmate labor is used to provide a number of services to the City of Newport News including mowing of median strips and various other properties. The City Prison Farm also maintains a construction division for the purpose of construction of many small projects throughout the City.

9th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8733 Phone 926-6940 Fax

The Department of Budget & Evaluation prepares and manages the City’s annual operating budget and five-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). The annual operating budget must be adopted prior to June 15th, and becomes effective July 1st. Public hearings are held for the annual operating budget. The dates for public hearings are published in the newspaper at least 15 days prior to the hearings. Two public hearings are held to accommodate the citizens in the northern and southern areas of the City.

3rd Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8861 Phone 926-8311 Fax

The Department of Codes Compliance protects the health and safety of City residents by ensuring that the construction and maintenance of structures and the upkeep of the grounds upon which they are located meets applicable construction, property maintenance and zoning codes.

10th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8501 Phone  926-3514 Fax

As part of the City Manager's Office, this office is responsible for coordinating the City administration's public information and community relations which include building effective communication between Newport News residents and City officials and employees; expanding community involvement programs that help to improve City services; coordinating media relations activities, and oversight of the City's Video Production Services Division.

2600 Washington Avenue, 5th Floor
926-8781 Phone  926-3585 Fax

The primary purpose of the Court Services Unit is to assure the protection of the citizens of the City of Newport News through the development of policies, programs, and institutions to assist the courts in holding juveniles accountable for their actions and by affording them opportunities to reform. The Newport News Juvenile Court Services Unit is a State agency serving the City of Newport News by providing Intake, Probation and Parole, as well as counseling and referral services to clients before the Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court. The Court Services Unit also provides custody, visitation, support, and protective order services to those citizens whose jurisdiction is under the Newport News Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

3rd Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8428 Phone 926-2504 Fax

The Department of Development is responsible for a full range of economic development activities undertaken by the City. The department is responsible for expanding and diversifying the City’s tax base by attracting new businesses and industries to the area and by assisting existing businesses to expand, for creating new jobs, and for retaining existing jobs. The department administers the City’s Virginia Enterprise Zones, the federal HUBZone program, various low-interest business loan programs, and staffs the Economic/Industrial Development Authority of the City of Newport News, Virginia and the Green Foundation. The department serves as liaison with a variety of local and regional agencies and manages the City’s Seafood Industrial Park.

513 Oyster Point Road
269-2900 Phone 269-2905 Fax
Emergency Information Center, 269-2912
(for major declared emergencies)
Recorded Disaster Information, 269-2910

The Office of Emergency Management prepares and coordinates programs to alleviate or reduce loss of life, suffering and destruction of property during man-made, natural or war-caused disasters. The department is responsible for the overall comprehensive coordination and management of emergencies and disasters and assists citizens and businesses with emergency planning.

8th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8611 Phone 926-8300 Fax

The Department of Engineering provides professional engineering services and public infrastructure management for the City of Newport News. The department implements and manages City Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) projects totaling more than $30 million a year. Additionally, the department administers the Stormwater Management and Asbestos/Lead Management programs, and operates the Geographic Information System (GIS). The department also provides for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians and motorists along City streets and coordinates and administers transportation projects in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

7th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8738 Phone 926-8894 Fax

The Department of Finance performs all accounting and related services for the City of Newport News and prepares the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The Department of Finance also manages the City’s Accounts Payable department, which involves payment of City expenditures, employee payroll, employee benefits and management of the employee retirement fund.

6th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8404 Phone 926-8602 Fax

The goal of the Newport News Fire Department is to protect the citizens of the City of Newport News from the danger and destruction caused by fire, health emergencies and natural disaster. The department provides emergency medical life support care, fire safety and education programs, building inspections, fire suppression operations and response to specialized emergencies such as hazardous materials, water and environmental related incidents.

2410 Wickham Avenue
247-0379 Phone 926-7537 Fax

The Office of Human Affairs provides a number of diversified programs designed to assist eligible persons in their efforts to become self-sufficient. Some of these programs and services focus on: senior citizens, employment, youth motivation, child development, housing and home ownership, parenting, homelessness, food and nutrition and emergency services.

700 Town Center Drive, Suite 200
926-1800 Phone 926-1825 Fax

The Department of Human Resources is responsible for providing employment services for City departments, establishing and administering compensation programs, developing and administering a variety of benefits programs, developing and coordinating staff development and training programs, coordinating employee relations programs, administering various medical programs, and administering the City’s substance abuse program. Additional information regarding City human resources services, benefits and programs, including information on applying for City jobs, may be obtained by calling the Department of Human Resources.

Rouse Tower
6060 Jefferson Avenue
926-6300 Phone 926-6118 Fax
Denbigh Satellite Office
368 DeShazor Drive
369-3160 Phone  369-3186 Fax

The Department of Human Services provides fiscal and social support primarily to indigent citizens. Public assistance programs include aid to dependent children, food stamps, Medicaid, counseling, protective services for children and elderly or disabled adults, foster care, employment services, emergency services, and many others.

9th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8521 Phone 926-7537 Fax

The Department of Internal Audit assists management in maintaining the financial and operational integrity of the City through examining and evaluating City financial data, operations, programs and services; ascertaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations at the federal, state and local levels, as well as other authoritative sources; performing internal control and risk assessment evaluations; and providing consultation as requested. The results of this work provide management with analyses, appraisals, recommendations and information.

350 25th Street
926-1600 Phone 926-1685 Fax

The Department of Juvenile Services offers a myriad of multisystemic programs, which focus on the unique needs of juveniles and their families, within the Newport News and Hampton communities. Juvenile Services operates secure and less secure detention facilities, and the electronic monitoring program in addition to numerous outreach programs. Each of the programs utilizes the holistic and strength-based approach as a foundation for positive youth development while simultaneously strengthening family functioning.

700 Town Center Drive, Suite 300
926-1350 Phone 926-1365 Fax

The Public Library System meets the informational, recreational and educational needs of the community through the collections and services provided by its four branch libraries, technical services center, Bookmobile, outreach services and the Public Law Library. The Information Services Division provides research support for City employees through its Municipal Reference Library and general City information for citizens through the Newport News Information Assistance Line, 926-8000, and through community service information available at each library.

227 27th Street
928-3695 Phone 247-6535 Fax

The NNRHA provides safe and decent housing and assists the City in numerous programs that provide new employment and improved housing for its citizens in areas such as community development, business development assistance, public housing and assisted housing.

700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320
926-1400 Phone
926-1460 Parks & Recreation Fax; 926-1441 Tourism Fax

The Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism is responsible for enhancing the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Newport News by providing high quality recreational services, programs and facilities that are safe, accessible and appealing. The Department operates and manages parks, athletic fields, recreation and senior centers, golf courses, pools, museums, historic sites, a campground, a marina, a visitor information center, a cultural and performing arts center, a tennis center and a host of other facilities, special events, instructional classes and recreation programs. In addition, the Department’s Tourism Division works to increase the number of visitors to Newport News through marketing the City, its accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The Department is also responsible for managing the City’s Animal Services Division.

2nd Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8761 Phone 926-3639 Fax

The Department of Planning is responsible for a full range of planning undertaken by the City. It advises the Planning Commission and the City Council in all aspects of comprehensive and current planning in Newport News. This includes the development of the general plan, through the Framework for the Future process, and action taken on applications for use permits, special exceptions, and change of zoning. The Department of Planning staffs the Planning Commission, the Hilton Village Architectural Review Board, and is the lead agency in implementing the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act.

9710 Jefferson Avenue
928-4100 – Police Information
247-2500 – Non-Emergency Services
881-5072 – Community Education and Outreach Center
1-888-LOCK-U-UP – Crime Line

The Newport News Police Department is an accredited, highly trained, professional agency responsible for providing 24 hour police services to the citizens of Newport News. The department provides services from various locations: Headquarters, located at 9710 Jefferson Avenue; North Precinct, located at 368 DeShazor Drive; Central Precinct, located at 611 Dresden Drive; South Precinct’s HRT Station, located at 150 35th Street; South Precinct’s Jefferson Station, located at 2009 Jefferson Avenue; and a Community Education and Outreach Center located at 10188 Warwick Boulevard. The department’s commitment to the involvement of the community in its crime prevention efforts is evident by active neighborhood watch programs throughout the City. For information about the Crime Watch program, call 928-4285; or contact your local precinct.

Peninsula Health Center
416 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
594-7300 Phone 594-7714 Fax
East End Health Facility
1033 28th Street
247-2170 Phone 247-2291 Fax
Denbigh WIC Clinic
710 Denbigh Boulevard
886-2810 Phone 886-7522 Fax

The Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Public Health acts in partnership with local governments to provide preventive and environmental services to citizens of Virginia. There are three facilities which serve Newport News. The facilities provide a wide range of programs and services such as family (confidential), maternity referral, adult general medical, immunizations, WIC, dental, sexually transmitted treatment (confidential), communicable disease control, rabies control, food establishment inspections, community education, etc.

700 Town Center Drive
Customer Service, 926-1000
Nights, holidays and weekends, 234-4800

The water system serving most of the Peninsula is owned and operated by the City of Newport News and is often called Newport News Waterworks. It is a financially self-sufficient organization in which all operating revenues are generated from water sales and related services. Newport News Waterworks is one of the 100 largest water utilities in the United States and rates among the three largest in Virginia. It provides drinking water to about 400,000 people living and working on the Lower Virginia Peninsula and has a 250 square-mile service area that includes Newport News, Hampton and Poquoson, and major portions of York County and James City County. Water is supplied to Fort Eustis, Yorktown Coast Guard Reserve Training Station and Yorktown Naval Weapons Station on a full-service basis. Fort Monroe, Langley Air Force Base and NASA receive service through existing meter connections, upon request. Raw water is also supplied to Williamsburg, upon request.

513 Oyster Point Road
269-2700 Public Works Customer Service Center
269-2725 Fax

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the planning, maintenance, repair and operation of street maintenance and wastewater and stormwater systems, solid waste, recycling programs and building services. The Solid Waste Division is responsible for the collection of household garbage, recyclables and bulk waste. The Wastewater Division is responsible for maintenance and repair of all sanitary and storm sewer lines, pumping stations and emergency power generation systems. The Stormwater Division is responsible for drainage systems and mosquito control. The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance of sidewalks, curb and gutter and street resurfacing/reconstruction. In addition, this division provides the important tasks of snow removal, leaf collection and street cleaning to Newport News residents. The Building Services Division is responsible for maintenance of the exterior and interior of more than 200 municipal buildings and structures. A separate security division is responsible for the security and safety of these buildings.

4th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8721 Phone 926-8038 Fax

The Department of Purchasing is responsible for the acquisition of all materials, supplies, services and equipment for all City departments and agencies. In addition, the Purchasing Department is responsible for the centralized control and disposal of excess, obsolete and salvageable materials and equipment. The scope of the Purchasing Department’s work includes: selection of professional contracts; handling of major construction bids; review and award of equipment needs; renewal of supplies of critical goods such as gasoline, heating oil, tires, pipe, etc. The Department also oversees operation of the City’s Central Mail Service, the Central Warehouse, the City Hall Motor Pool, the Print Shop and Graphic Services.

700 Town Center Drive, Suite 220
926-1926 Phone 926-1940 Fax

The Newport News Real Estate Assessor’s Office appraises all real estate; interprets and administers all laws pertaining to real estate assessments and exemptions; publishes an annual land book; maintains all records and provides information on all parcels of land in Newport News; and reviews assessments with the public.

525 Operations Drive
269-2400 Phone 269-2429 Fax

The Department of Vehicle & Equipment Services is responsible for managing the City’s 1,300 unit fleet. The department purchases and maintains a wide range of vehicles including motorcycles, cars, light and heavy trucks, and a variety of construction and specialty equipment.

6th Floor, City Hall
2400 Washington Avenue
926-8683 Phone 926-3653 Fax

The Voter Registrar registers voters and updates records of those voters for changes of address, etc. The Voter Registrar also administers elections with the Electoral Board whose primary responsibility is to oversee elections (move precinct lines, ensure ballots are properly printed, train election officials and visit all election precincts to solve any problems that might occur). The Voter Registrar is appointed by the Electoral Board.



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