City Attorney

The Office of the City Attorney is the legal adviser of the City Council, the City Manager and of all departments, boards, commissions, and agencies of the city, including the school board, in all matters affecting the interests of the city and shall upon request furnish a written opinion on any question of law involving their respective official powers and duties.

The City Attorney's office also:

  • Prepares ordinances and examines any ordinance after introductions to render an opinion as to the form and legality thereof
  • Draws or approves all bonds, deeds, leases, contracts or other instruments to which the city is a party or in which it has an interest
  • Represents the city as counsel in any civil case in which it is interested and in criminal cases in which the constitutionality or validity of any ordinance is brought in issue

The City Attorney's Office is not permitted to give legal advice or provide legal services to individuals with private/personal legal issues.